It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Death of the Manual Transmission

Depending on how old you are, the death of the manual transmission likely means something different to you. For older generations, drivers grew up on the manual transmission, learning how to properly shift gears while their parents taught them to drive.

For younger generations, this may not be on your radar at all. You may have had a friend or two who drove stick shift during college, and they were considered a rare and cool breed of driver.

According to car experts and trends, less and less cars will have the option of a manual transmission until they are extinct altogether. In fact, many believe that by the end of this decade, manual transmissions will be completely dead.

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A Closer Look at the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Electric Car

The 2017 Chevy Bolt EV is a car that is wonderfully and perfectly shaped. With a price range that begins at $29,995, it represents an amazing opportunity for the common consumer. This is a car with the potential of going 238 miles on a 60 kWh battery. Another spectacular detail of this car is the 266 lb.-ft. of torque and 200 horsepower produced by its electric motor.

For a car the size of the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, you have to agree that’s quite an amount of torque. Although, it is noteworthy to mention that at 3,580 pounds, the Chevy Bolt EV significantly outweighs your regular hatchback, with the car’s battery alone almost weighing 1,000 pounds. Chevrolet has done a remarkable job balancing the car by ensuring the weight is evenly distributed to the four sides of the vehicle, which in turn makes the car well-balanced on the road.

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Driving Scams Everyone Should Be Aware Of


Today’s technology has provided seemingly countless advantages for individuals looking to enhance their own lives and increase their work efficiency. On the flip side, however, some of those same technological advances have opened doors for scammers , hackers, and the like.

When it comes to the world of driving, road travel, and car sales, many would hope that the auto industry would be safe from scams. Unfortunately, from getting cheated on taxi rides to uncovering Mastercard data, driving scams exists all over the world. 

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