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Check Out Chevrolet’s 2019 Silverado

The spot light is on all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado whose impressive features include six engines and eight-speed transmission combinations. Moreover, these transmissions include heavy duty 2.7L Turbo and V-8 engines.  You cannot expect any other vehicle to deliver similar performance and efficiency since 2019 Chevrolet Silverado is one of its kind.


Cost to Insure Different Vehicles

The very first thing you should do after buying or leasing a vehicle is to get it insured. This is required by law.  Car insurance helps cover the vehicle owner financially in case of an accident, both for damage to the vehicle and medical needs of any individuals involved. Have you ever considered the cost […]

Speeding and Penalties in Arizona

We all know that you should always drive at a speed that is reasonable and prudent. This is all the more important given harsh weather conditions here, like dust storms, which can leads to lower visibility. Generally, speed limits are posted on most roads in Arizona, but when there are no posted speed limits, the […]


Choosing the Right Car Seat

If you are a parent, you know that protecting your child in the car is your number one priority while driving. Having a good car seat is essential to prevent your child from sustaining injuries – they can even prevent death in case of an accident. They’re also required by law, though the specific law […]

Motorcycle Awareness Month

Riding a motorcycle can be both a lot of fun, as well as significantly more dangerous than driving a car. Being completely open to the elements leaves the rider a lot more vulnerable in case of accident than an automobile driver. May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month, thus we have put together a list of […]

10 Tips for Driving from Arizona to Mexico

One of many people in Arizona’s favorite weekend vacation spots is Rocky Point. Mexico can be a great, fun place to visit, and being as close as it is, it’s out shortest way to the ocean! If this is your first time driving from Arizona to Mexico, you may have a few questions. Below, we […]


Recycling Used Auto Oil

How often do you get your oil changed? There are a lot of people who dabble in auto repair and change their own oil at home. Even if you don’t change your own oil, every vehicle still needs an oil change done regularly to run at peak performance. But have you ever thought about why […]

Common Auto Insurance Discounts

We all know that we need auto insurance – it’s an absolute necessity in the world today. But how much time lately have you spent exploring your insurance options, or even looking into discounts within your current insurance company? Insurance companies offer a lot of incentives to reward good driving behavior, as well as incentives […]

Emissions Testing in Arizona

Air pollution is a big cause for concern. Motor vehicle CO2 emissions are one of the major causes of air pollution, which is why there are laws on a state-by-state basis that enforce setting emissions standards through vehicle emissions testing. There is greatly increased traffic in the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson, which is […]