How to choose a Tucson body shop- Part two

Last week we explored how to choose the right auto body shop in Tucson Arizona. Today we are continuing that discussion.

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What to look for in choosing a body shop in Tucson Arizona- Part 1

Tips on Choosing a Good Body Shop:  How do you know what to look for when you’re choosing a body shop?

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Tucson Arizona Auto Body Shop terms explained

Lost on Auto Body Repair Shop Talk in Tucson Arizona? Free Printable Glossary Download

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Auto body insurance questions answered- Minor parking lot damage

What to do about parking lot door damage?

Question: I was parked, and my door hit the car parked next to me because it was so windy. It did some damage to the other car. How does this work? Am I negligent? Would the damage to this other car go under my comprehensive or collision insurance, as I have deductibles for each one and want to know what to expect.

parking lot door ding

Answer: The good news is you don’t have to pay a deductible to get the other car fixed. Your collision and comprehensive cover your own vehicle for damages, not other cars that you damage. When you damage another person’s property, it is the property damage liability portion of your car insurance policy that will be used for their claims.

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Additional Auto Body Sercices

Additional Auto Body Services

Free Shuttle Service

You don’t have time to wait while your car is being serviced. by getting new tires, having regular maintenance like an oil change, or down for repairs? No worries!

We offer free shuttle service to keep you on track with where you need to be and when while your car gets the care it needs to keep taking you where you need to go. Contact us if you have any questions about this complimentary service!

 Lifetime Warrantylifetime-warranty


O’Rielly Collision Centers backs all auto body repair work with a written, lifetime warranty. Any defects in workmanship will be corrected free-of-charge, bringing you peace of mind and peace of wallet.

This extended car warranty is applicable to all auto body and collision repair work done, including paintless dent repair, glass repair, windshield replacement, car painting, and body work. O’Rielly Collision Center backs-up all work done to your vehicle, guaranteed.

Any defects in workmanship will be corrected free-of-charge, unless caused by unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle. To obtain service under this warranty, return the vehicle to O’Rielly Collision Centers with your original repair receipt.

Orielly Collision Centers Towing

O’Rielly Collision Centers Towing

When you call O’Rielly Collision Centers to get an estimate on a non-drivable accident damaged car, your call is answered by a friendly and courteous dispatcher. Our dispatchers are trained to assure your needs are met.  They will take your information, answer any questions, and dispatch a tow truck to your location as quickly as possible.  Upon arrival, our professional drivers will service your car or tow you to our location.
Quality of Service
When doing business with O’Rielly Collision Centers, you can expect clean and courteous service from our professional and knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, the neatness of our drivers, and the cleanliness of our tow vehicles.