What Every Tucson Driver Should Know about Checking their Seatbelts after a Collision

By now, everyone is aware how important the seat belt is towards keeping passengers safe during an accident. If you ever have the misfortune of being in a collision, it may be important to check your seat belts for damage after the repair. There are a few steps to take to ensure that your seat belts are safe and ready for your next drive:

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What Every Tucson Driver Needs to Know about Paintless Dent Repair

How many times have you gone to your vehicle and noticed a new dent? Everything from a shopping cart or a driver accidentally rear ending you can produce unwanted dents and attack the mental health of a driver. The reason dents are so stressful is because they tend to be costly to repair. But consumers now have a new friend in the body shop against the threat of dents. It’s called “Paintless Dent Repair” or PDR, and we at O’Rielly’s have fully embraced it for our customers in Tucson, Arizona.

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What Every Tucson, Arizona Driver Needs to Know about Bumper Repair

How many times have you found yourself in this situation: your car is damaged in a minor fender bender and you choose to not take it to a body shop. It can be tempting, especially in this economy, to ignore the repair and continue driving the vehicle if the drivability is not affected; yet, just because the damage may appear to be innocuous does not mean there are no safety concerns for your automobile.

For many, safety is a top concern in their choice of vehicle. Everyone should feel safe while driving his or her car, and no parent should ever have to wonder about the safety of his or her family while driving. Yet, many drivers tend to ignore damage to their vehicle because it seems minor; however, even seemingly minor damage can cause a loss of structural integrity, which must be fully restored to maintain the vehicle’s safety. The bumper is particularly important, because it is the car’s first line of defense in an accident, which makes it the first line of defense in protecting you and your loved ones.

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More and More Manufacturers Require Pre and Post Scans after Accidents

It is no secret that technology in our automobiles is advancing at a rapid rate. Our vehicles give us the ability to have a 360-degree view around our car, assist with parallel parking, and warn us of possible collisions. With developments such as these, it is only logical that the ability to repair these vehicles would also become more advanced. This need for more complex repairs has unfortunately left some to battle insurance companies over what to cover. Luckily, there has been good news that should leave drivers feeling more comfortable over their repairs.

More and more manufacturers are now requiring pre and post scans of their vehicles after repairs. While post scans were more common following an accident, the addition of pre-scans will help ensure that every vehicle that receives repairs is completely safe to drive. For example, Honda now requires a pre scan with any collision accident, as well as post-scan for any collision, electrical parts disconnection, body parts replacement, or impact in close proximity to sensors or cameras. Honda is not alone in this, as FCA, Nissan, GM, Toyota, and Mercedes all require or at least strongly recommend both pre and post scans.

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New Year’s Day is deadliest for alcohol-related crashes, IIHS Reminds Drivers,

As we head into 2017 and New Year’s Eve celebrations are upon us, The IIHS your local law enforcement departments and us here at O’Rielly Collision Centers wish to remind you all that New Year’s day is the deadliest day on the roads for drivers passengers bicyclists and even pedestrians. This is the holiday with the most lethal combination of alcohol and crashes. According to recent analysis from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Jan. 1 is the deadliest day on average for alcohol-related crashes involving a motor vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist.

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Car insurance rates in Arizona

Shopping new car Insurance in Tucson? 4 questions your agents should ask.

It is a new year and some people are making auto policy changes for 2017. I personally added another vehicle to my policy. If you are shopping for new policies here in Tucson, or maybe the Holidays have added a new vehicle to your driveway, here are five questions that your insurance agent should be asking you as you review your policy and coverage’s.

The specifications and minimums for coverage in Arizona are set by the state, particularly as to minimum limits for personal injury protection and uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage.


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Tucson Auto Body repair Estimates

How do insurance companies decide to total vehicles in Tucson Arizona?

If you have been in a car accident and the damage is more severe than the typical fender bender our customers are usually worried that the car will be totaled. This is a reasonable fear to have as accidents come unplanned and most people are not prepared to have to buy a new or replacement vehicle.

The Rules are changing for Arizona Insurers
If you would have asked me this question even a year ago the answer would have been very concrete. Insurance companies total a vehicle when the cost to replace the vehicle is within 80% of the cost to repair the vehicle. The latter 20% is a buffer zone to account for supplements that usually come with a repair. So if your car would have a replacement value of say $10,000, the threshold for the repair would be at the $8,000 mark. If the repair was $7,500 or below, the car would get fixed, if the estimate was $8,500 or more, the car would be totaled and you would get a check for $10,000 to go buy a replacement car.

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Drowsy Driving Same Risk As Drunk Driving New Study Shows

Missing an Hour or Two of Sleep Doubles Crash Risk

We have all done it, even though we didn’t know it: we put other drivers lives at the same risk as if we were drunk driving. In one of the most shocking studies on auto crashes to come out in 2016, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety published a new study which shows that drivers who miss between one to two hours of the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period nearly double their risk for a crash.

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7 Tips To Protect Your Car From Christmas Tree Damage in Tucson AZ

Arizona drivers, it is that time of year when families get their Christmas tree. It is also a time when we see a lot of paint damages, dents and even broken sunroofs here t our body shop O’Rielly Collision Centers in Tucson AZ.
We know that strapping a tree to your roof or putting it in your trunk can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. Keep that shopping money in your pocket by following these tips for worry-free tree-hauling!

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Will Car Insurance Premiums Rise In Arizona for 2017?

Insurance companies are feeling the pressure of increased miles driven, rising property damage frequency and rising severity in the types of collisions. The number of miles driven in 2015 set new records and accident frequency is at a 10-year high. These pressures are cutting into insurers profits and ultimately we the public will end up paying the price.

Auto claims frequency has returned pre-recession levels, and severity has reached record highs which is forcing many insurers to raise premiums, and here is why:

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