Peeling Clearcoat Tucson AZ

Arizona Peeling Car Paint Issues And How To Fix Them

Clear coat delamination
Your car is still going as strong as the day you purchased it a few years ago, maybe even a decade ago. But a couple of hot summers in the Arizona sun have baked your clear coat to the point of peeling. This is called clear coat delamination. The extreme temperatures in the are often cause delamination because the two paints (the base coat and the clear) expand at slightly different temperatures and over time they can work themselves loose. This is especially prevalent in the early to mid 1990’s factory paints when the base coat clear coat was just hitting the main stream.

The bad news is once it starts you can’t stop it. You can learn to live with it or you can bite the bullet and get it fixed. So what if you can’t stand looking aPeeling Clearcoat Tucson AZt it any more? Can you just have some more clear coat sprayed on it?

The short answer is no. In the “old” days, cars were painted in a hard enamel paint called “single stage”. It did not have a clear coat and had to be sprayed on in thick, wet and multiple coats. When a car got painted it got a coat or two of primer, then sanded, then a sealer, then sanded, and then a couple of coats of single stage with sanding in between. It was a lot of labor to paint a repair.

Now cars come from the factory with a single layer of base color and a single layer of clear coat. This was driven partially by the EPA in an effort to reduce the Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s and partially due to advances in paint chemistry and an effort to build cars quicker better and faster. Two stage paint jobs also allow for richer metallic finishes on cars.

So what to do with your peeling clear coat on your car? Well unfortunately you are going to have to get it painted. Depending on the severity of the peeling and the condition of the paint underneath we will most likely have to sand that entire panel down and spray on some more base coat then go back with a new clear coat.

The good news however is it will be easy to match the existing paint on your car, and we can get it looking factory new again.

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Busness fleet vehicle

Recent survey findings for all business owner’s business vehicles that you should know.

Recent survey findings for all business owner’s business vehicles that you should know.

Manta, an online resource dedicated to small business, in partnership with Ford learned that small business owners often need vehicles that can do double duty. These duties stem from in helping them grow their businesses to keeping their busy families on the move.

Surprisingly, only 42 percent of survey respondents use their business vehicles solely for business. One quarter of respondents drive their business vehicle for non-business related travel 25 percent of the time, while another 17 percent drive their business vehicle for personal use half the time or more.

Approximately 13 percent of small business owners surveyed relies on dual-purpose vans, such as Ford’s Transit Connect, for their businesses. Vans such as the Transit Connect allow for fold flat seating to haul cargo and then people when the seats are folded back into place. One quarter of survey respondents drive trucks; while an additional 16 percent drive another type of service vehicle, 23 percent drive cars and 18 percent drive SUVs.

Regardless of which vehicle they choose, flexibility is key for these entrepreneurs. Nearly half of the respondents said they use their business vehicle primarily for driving themselves to appointments, 36 percent use it to carry equipment to job sites, 30 percent make deliveries and 8 percent transport customers.

Necessity # 1. The connected vehicle

It is no secret that a decade of mobile technology advances has torn down the traditional office walls. No longer are workers tethered to the same desk. Therefore, business errands can be more efficient when entrepreneurs can leverage mobile technology advancements found in their vehicles, according to the survey.

Almost three-quarters of respondents say they would be more productive if they could make hands-free calls through a Bluetooth-enabled system.

Twenty five percent of respondents cited hands-free phone calls are the No. 1 thing that assists their business while spending time in their vehicles.

Necessity #2 Purchase Price, Maintenance, Resale Value

As with any small business, price and value are sometimes the primary drivers of business purchase decision-making. Half of respondents say purchase price is a top consideration when determining which vehicle to buy for their businesses.

Nearly one quarter of survey respondents say maintenance is a top consideration. As with any business Image is everything.

Other factors weighing in on small business vehicle purchases include fuel costs for 22 percent of respondents, and insurance for 11 percent of small business owners, according to the survey. More than 10 percent say resale value is a top consideration.

Many of the small business owners surveyed feel strongly that their vehicle purchases should support other American businesses. Nearly 65 percent say it matters that their vehicle is assembled in the United States.

Necessity #3 Image and business promotion

While the 25% of respondents who cited maintenance as a top priority in deciding which vehicles to purchase, maintenance includes the typical mechanical wear and tear items such as oil changes brakes and tires. An addition 17% of respondents pointed to repairs as a primary consideration in vehicle selection. Repairs include pricing considerations such as auto body repairs, and painting to signage repairs and replacements. Business vans and trucks have been rolling business cards since the days of the horseless carriage. An Additional 17% of survey respondents cited such repairs as primary importance in vehicle purchase considerations.

Many times a person first becomes aware of your business while seeing the business vehicle driving down the road or doing work for a friend or neighbor. This is why image is of primary concern. What does it say about the quality of work you perform if your business use vehicles are scratched, dented or in need of auto body repair?

At O’Rielly Collision Centers in Tucson Arizona we specialize in auto body repairs including fleet work. Our Dealership also includes a fleet dealership and we are able to get parts for all fleet vehicles quickly and correctly.

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Car Accident Tucson AZ

Does an improving economy mean a higher risk of a car accident?

At O’Rielly Collision Centers in Arizona, our business is repairing accident-damaged automobiles. As such we can often sense trends in our shops that later become publicly known and often debated. The number if traffic accidents and fatalities have been in a steady decline over the last several years. Auto makers, researchers and analysts in the auto insurance industries have contributed this decline to more advanced and prevalent anti-collision technologies in cars and trucks. Technologies such as electronic stability control, pre-collision warning, and blind spot indication systems have all added up to a decrease in driver error and collisions. Or has it?

Over the course of 2015, road accidents and fatalities have increased drastically, up by 14%. This bucking trend has researchers and journalists seeking answers to what might be at the root of this current rise.

A common suspect for the spike in accidents and fatalities is younger (and even seasoned) drivers and the assumed rise in driving while texting. We have all seen the news stories and PSA’s about the dangers of texting and driving, and this is certainly a new phenomenon. However, it is one much older than one year. It begs the question then, what is causing the rise in accidents and fatalities?

Recent research seems to indicate a direct correlation in an improved economy; lower unemployment and the resulting increase of commuters driving to and from work.

The NHTSA and other non-governmental research labs such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS, has reported a decline of traffic accidents and fatalities for years, when in reality, the statistics of each has stagnated for almost a decade. What has changed recently however is the US economy finally starting to return to pre-recession levels? Now the IIHS and NHTSA are reporting back to us on a statistic that is returning to the same level it was prior to the recession.

Current State Of Accident And Fatality Data

In 2013 and 2014, roughly 32,000 motor vehicle deaths were reported. This number includes cars, trucks, semi’s, and motorcycles. However, the National Safety Council has projected that this year, the U.S. will see over 40,000 deaths across the country. This new number, when compared to the previous seven years, which saw a small decline to around 30,000 deaths, is a shift in the opposite direction. If, however, you were to look back further to pre-recession era accidents from 1994-2007, these numbers all stayed static around that 40,000 mark.

Statistically speaking, the fact that current accident and fatality rates have returned to those of an era that predates texting, it is difficult to point to texting as the culprit. Especially considering the fact that one thing that has returned to a pre-recession level is the number of drivers and commuters out on the roadways. This leads researchers to conclude now that main issue seems to be the economy returning to normal, and the labor force returning to work. With more people on the road, more accidents are likely to occur.

As cars become safer with vastly improved accident avoidance technologies, accidents began a steady decline. However, those numbers plateaued around the early 1990s all the way up to the mid-2000s. Over time as more of these technologies get designed and implemented, and as older vehicles begin to be replaced with newer, more advanced vehicles, we could once again begin to see a decline in accidents and fatalities even with an improved economy.

How the increase in accidents could impact you, the driver

These rising accident rates could take a financial toll on the American driver as well. When accident and fatality rates began to fall, car insurance rates fell too. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, these rates began to decline a little before the recession around 2005 and stayed relatively low until 2011. Since 2011, rates have been rising, with last year being the most expensive in 12 years.

Geico and Allstate have already approved rate increases to the company’s current rates for the near future. We’re sure that most, if not all, other insurance companies will follow suit and increase rates as well.

As roads become busier and more congested, accidents will continue to rise, and rates will continue to increase. As a car owner, you need to stay vigilant on the roads, anticipate the drivers around you and drive safely.

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Can you sell back your Dodge vehicle if it has had collision repair damage?

If you own a 1993-1998 Jeep, or 2003-2012 Ram Pickup built by the Chrysler Fiat corporation, you have probably heard the news that Chrysler needs to buy your car back.

Why does Chrysler need your car back? Because it has been ordered to do so by the US government stemming from a lawsuit that was just levied against the automaker because the federal government has deemed them unsafe to continue driving.

As a result, the owners of hundreds of thousands of pickups and SUVs will be able to get rid of their trucks and get a cash settlement. Additionally, owners of 1 million older Jeeps with exposed fuel tanks could be able to trade them in for $1,000 above fair market value toward another Fiat Chrysler vehicle.

But if your Chrysler Fiat Dodge truck or Jeep has had prior collision repair, you might be concerned that the repair work might affect the settlement.

The buyback is part of a corrective action and $105 million penalty against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV announced Sunday following a Transportation Department investigation into how the company handled fixes on 23 recalls involving more than 11 million cars and trucks.

The Fiat Chrysler agreement is the largest penalty ever imposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is stepping up enforcement efforts following criticism that it has acted too slowly on other auto recalls.
Ram Pickups

The vehicles subject to repurchase most of them are Ram pickups, have defective suspension parts could cause a loss of control, according to the NHTSA. The truck owners will be able to receive the original purchase price, minus depreciation, plus 10 percent, according to the agreement.

Previously repaired Chrysler vehicles

By Fiat Chrysler’s estimate, more than 60 percent of the estimated 500,000 vehicles involved in the buy back have already been repaired, leaving fewer than 200,000 eligible for a buy back. Of the vehicles they will buy back, Chrysler expects to repair and resell all of the purchased vehicles, recovering some of those costs.

However, the NHTSA hasn’t been able to verify Fiat Chrysler’s estimates for how many vehicles haven’t yet been repaired. The company’s inability to track recalls accurately was one of the key issues in a July 2 hearing, and that led to restarting one of the Ram pickup repair campaigns.

Consent Order For un-repaired cars

The consent order provides the buyback option for those vehicles that have not been fixed. How many vehicles will actually fit that description is unclear.

In the latest order, Fiat Chrysler will notify vehicle owners eligible for buy backs and other financial incentives about their options. The offer is for various model-year 2003 to 2012 Rams, plus some Aspen, Dakota, and Durango vehicles.

Other options are available for owners of Jeep models subject to a gas-tank recall. For owners of 1993 to 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokees, consumers who want to keep their vehicles will get a $100 gift card as an incentive to do the repair. Owners of those models may be eligible for the trade in to be applied to another Fiat Chrysler vehicle or service.
Gift Cards

Owners of other vehicles, including the 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees and the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty, will get the gift cards.

Consumers can determine whether their vehicles are covered by one of the recalls under investigation can visit NHTSA’s recall website,, which lists makes and models for the 23 recalls.

NHTSA’s moves fell short for a consumer advocate who had been pushing for the agency to compel Fiat Chrysler to also buy back the Jeeps. Consumers need more protection from these vehicles, which have been involved in fatal fires when struck from behind.

The NHTSA’s mission is to get the defective vehicles off the road.

So what about your Chrysler Ram Pick up or jeep with collision repair? Well the answer is the recall does not have to do with auto body repair so you should be able to trade it in for cash.

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Most popular cars in Arizona, and the USA

When you repair cars for a living, you get to know cars. When you are an auto body repair shop, you get a sense for what cars are popular. Here at O’Reilly collision centers in Tucson Arizona, we fix tons of cars. We know that Honda’s and Chevy’s and Fords are extremely popular. But what about the rest of the country? What are to most popular cars in each state?

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Should I use my car insurance company’s recommended auto body shop to stay within their reimbursement amount?

Should I use my car insurance company’s recommended auto body shop to stay within their reimbursement amount?


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What is the maximum amount of time an insurance company can take to settle an auto body repair claim?

When we get into a car accident, we want to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. We would love it to all go away by the next morning but, of course, that is not possible.

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What out of pocket expenses will I have after my car accident in Arizona?

What out of pocket expenses will I have after my car accident in Arizona?

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