4 reasons why your car was totaled in Green Valley, AZ


If your car was totaled after an accident, it might not be clear to you why your insurance company would make such a decision.  Sometimes a car might not appear damaged enough to warrant being totaled and you’d rather just have it repaired.  It’s understandable—our cars are important to us!  We spend lots of time agonizing over which one to get, we dream up the perfect name for it, and we spend lots of quality time in it covering miles of terrain.  So if your car was totaled and the reason is elusive to you, it boils down to some pretty standard calculations by your appraiser.  Once the calculations are complete, if the insurance adjustor finds that it would be more expensive to repair your vehicle than to replace it, then your car will be totaled.

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Why am I at fault for a car accident in Green Valley, AZ?

It is beyond lousy to get into an accident, let alone to be held responsible for what happened.  In some cases, it is actually quite complicated to determine who caused an accident to happen.  If you are the unfortunate one who was labeled at fault for a collision, your insurance rates might skyrocket and you might even wind up having to pay for the injured party’s medical expenses. 

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How much does it cost to repair tire blowout damage in Green Valley, AZ?

One of the biggest problems we see at our O’Rielly Collision Center locations in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona is tire blowout damage.  During the warmer months, when people are taking long-distance trips more frequently, tire blowout damage is particularly common.  Sometimes, when a tire blows out, it can’t be helped.  It might have been caused by a poorly manufactured tire or an unexpected puncture brought on by debris on the highway.  Other times, tire blowouts happen when tires have simply experienced their limit of wear and tear.  Regardless of how it happens, when your tire blows out on the highway, it can be very tricky to maintain control over your vehicle.  Once you get past that initial scare, your next thought might be, “How much is it going to cost to fix the damage from my tire blowout?”

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Tucson auto body shop Q&A: Why doesn’t my car door close properly?

Image of car door repair in Tucson, Arizona

Car doors that don’t close properly are a major problem that we see often at our O’Rielly Collision Center shops in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona.  Sometimes a door won’t close at all or it will require an unusual amount of force to close.  Other times, a door will make an odd shifting sound as it closes, as if it has to struggle to find its alignment.  Another noise customers hear sometimes is a scraping, squealing sound, as if the door is grinding against another element of the car.  Customers have also brought their cars to us when one or two of their doors won’t open again once closed.

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Will auto insurance cover the cost of repairs for storm damage to my car in Tucson, AZ?

Spring is here and with it comes plenty of unpredictable weather, including strong winds, torrential downpours, hail, and lightning.  All of this wild weather can lead to major storm damage to your vehicle, whether it’s lots of dents caused by hailstones, hood damage from fallen tree branches, or even flooding in your car’s interior.  Thunderstorms can leave a path of destruction in their wake, giving you a big mess to deal with.  At O’Rielly Collision Center in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona, we have met a number of customers who have sought us out to repair their storm-related car damage.  One of the top questions we hear about vehicle storm damage is, “Will my car insurance pay for storm damage repairs?”  It is understandable that this would be a concern, since hail damage and flooding aren’t often on a person’s mind when selecting a car insurance policy.  Yet, in most cases, people are covered for storm damage repairs.

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Can my car be repaired after storm damage in Tucson, Arizona?

It’s that time of year when lots of major storms are rolling through the country, causing hail damage, water damage, lightning damage, and other types of storm damage.  Spring is a lovely change after the wild winter we just had, but this spring is shaping up to be just as unpredictable as the preceding season.  If you’ve been on the receiving end of some of spring’s less hospitable treatment and your car is looking a little worse for the wear, take heart—many types of storm damages can be repaired.  To help you understand the ins and outs of car storm damage repair in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona, here is our process at O’Rielly Collision Center for restoring a vehicle to pre-damage condition:

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Who is responsible for shopping cart damage to my car in Tucson, Arizona?

collision repair in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona

Something we see fairly often at our O’Rielly Collision Center locations in Green Valley and Tucson is car damage caused in parking lots.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—parking lots are miniature circuses and you can never be too careful when driving in one.  They’re full of pedestrians, teenagers just learning how to drive, road rage-aholics who can’t stand waiting for a parking spot, super slow backer-uppers (you know who you are), and double-parkers (who should be ashamed of themselves).  Then there are those pesky shopping carts that can appear out of nowhere on a windy day and slam into your vehicle, causing a surprising amount of damage.  If it was a person in a car who caused this damage to your car, you would know exactly what to do—you’d exchange insurance information and expect them to pay for your collision repairs.  But a shopping cart?

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The top 5 ways to prepare your car for winter weather in Tucson


collision repair tucson and green valley arizona

Even though we tend to have mild winters here in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona, if this year’s polar vortex has taught us anything, it’s that we’re not oblivious to the unpredictable nature of winter.  Sure, winter should be on its way out soon, but our nights are still cold and good old Punxsutawney Phil says we’re in for at least six more weeks of this stuff.  Is your car prepped for the worst?  Regardless of how much more winter is ahead of us, it’s best to be prepared.  Read more

Car insurance rates in Arizona

Will my auto insurance rates increase after a car accident?

auto body estimate

If you are reading this, perhaps you’re just doing research to prepare yourself in case something should happen or maybe you’ve just been in a car accident, your world has turned upside down, and you need some answers.  Either way, it is our mission at O’Rielly Collision Center to keep our Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona neighbors informed about everything regarding auto insurance and collision repair.  One of the first questions we hear from many of our customers after they’ve been in an accident is whether their insurance rates will increase.  The answer is that this depends on several factors, including what type of insurance you have, whether you are at fault in the accident, and whether you’ve qualified for accident forgiveness.  Read more