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Will Car Insurance Premiums Rise In Arizona for 2017?

Insurance companies are feeling the pressure of increased miles driven, rising property damage frequency and rising severity in the types of collisions. The number of miles driven in 2015 set new records and accident frequency is at a 10-year high. These pressures are cutting into insurers profits and ultimately we the public will end up […]

Is it dangerous to drive my car with empty light on?

Filling up at the gas station is one of the dullest aspects of car ownership, but we all have to do it. How many times have you told yourself “I’ll get gas tomorrow” or how many miles have you driven with the empty light on and how many times have you rolled into a gas […]

US Government Moving Toward Zero Traffic Fatalities in 30 Years

“From this day forward, we start counting down to zero” was the headline this week from the National Safety Council and the US transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. With this statement, the US government set into motion a plan that has been carried to the front lines of US politics from a grassroots campaign. Obama’s Vision […]

Top driving hazards for Arizona drivers this Fall

It’s October, and even here in Tucson, we are headed into fall. Whether you are heading home from work or heading out to the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson to peep some of the foliage, what’ do you suppose is the biggest potential hazard for drivers in Arizona this fall?  Spoiler alert: It walks on […]

Who is the best repair hail damage repair shop in Tucson AZ?

Another big hail event just happened in Tucson this week. Auto body repair shops everywhere will be over-run with cars and trucks that need to be repaired. Some cars will not be too badly damaged while others might be totaled. That determination all depends on a few factors such as the age of the car, […]