At-Fault Laws of Accidents in Arizona


With the number of drivers on the road spiking consistently in recent years, automobile accidents are steadily on the rise in the state of Arizona. Even the most responsible driver could be involved in a dangerous situation: there are many dangers to be aware of, and other people might not be so attentive. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices and social media, drivers engage in reckless behavior, such as taking selfies or texting while driving. Whatever the cause of an accident, it is essential to determine who is the party at fault to receive rightful compensation.

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What is Paintless Dent Repair?


We drive our cars daily – to work, the store, and various other errands. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent the inevitable dent or ding from happening. Shopping carts, rocks from the road, and careless drivers parking too close are all going to take their toll on your vehicle over time with daily use.

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Everything You Need To Know About Car Lease Agreements


While many people are currently choosing to lease a vehicle over owning one, quite a few people still don’t fully understand what they’re agreeing to when they sign the dotted line. It is very important for a customer to understand what a car lease is, and discuss the details of their specific agreement with the dealership prior to agreeing to a term and specifics.

Leasing a car is the act of renting a vehicle for a set period of time at a fixed or agreed price, after which the car is returned to the dealer upon expiration of the lease period. It is considered the alternative to physically buying a car.  Below we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that each person considering car leasing versus buying should know.

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Car insurance rates in Arizona

Shopping new car Insurance in Tucson? 4 questions your agents should ask.

It is a new year and some people are making auto policy changes for 2017. I personally added another vehicle to my policy. If you are shopping for new policies here in Tucson, or maybe the Holidays have added a new vehicle to your driveway, here are five questions that your insurance agent should be asking you as you review your policy and coverage’s.

The specifications and minimums for coverage in Arizona are set by the state, particularly as to minimum limits for personal injury protection and uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage.


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Pre and Post repair scan

What Is A Pre And Post Repair Scan And Why Does My Auto Body Repair Need It?

What is a pre and post repair scan and why do I need one?

In the old days (even as far back as about 5 years ago), to do a “proper repair” on an accident damaged car, all you had to do was get the cars’ structure straightened and within tolerance, replace parts too damaged for repair, do a great paint job, get the car aligned, wash it, vacuum it and give it back to the customer. Those were the good old days.

Today in order to fix a car properly, you have to consider what kind of on board diagnostics and crash avoidance features it has. Cars equipped with such features require a pre-and post repair scan of the on board systems.

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Tucson collision repair Q&A: I don’t see any damage—should I have my car checked anyway?

Occasionally, at O’Rielly Collision Center in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona, we encounter a vehicle that doesn’t have any outward appearance of damage, but has significant structural and mechanical damage beneath the surface.  If you’ve been in an accident—from a minor parking lot scrape to a basic fender bender—you might not see very much damage, if any.  But as you were driving away, did you notice that your car was running a little differently?  Did something seem off?  If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to get your car checked out for underlying damage.  A trained technician will know where to look to uncover damage that isn’t initially obvious.

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What you need to know about car tire blowout damage in Tucson, Arizona

Many drivers take their tires for granted, only giving them a second glance when something is glaringly wrong.  Yet, when you think about it, your tires are the only parts of your car that actually make contact with the road.  Which is why those of us in the auto body business have a healthy respect for our wheels.  Plus, we are the ones who tend to see the damage that can happen to a car when a tire blowout happens.  It’s terrifying to be on the highway and have your tire blow out, making it very difficult for you to maintain control over your vehicle.  But then there’s the pain of having to have the damage fixed afterwards, which can be time-consuming and costly.

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The top 5 most common car paint problems and how to avoid them in Green Valley, AZ

Image of car paint problems in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona

At our O’Rielly Collision Center locations in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona, we tend to see a lot of auto paint damage.  Many times, it’s not even caused by a collision, but by general wear and tear on the car, as well as certain weather conditions.  Now that spring is here, I’m sure many of you will be preparing your rides for excursions in the sunshine.  If your vehicle is sporting some unfortunate paint deterioration, it can put a real damper on your driving experience.  To help you understand why this is happening to your car’s paint, here is our guide to the most common types of auto paint problems and what you can do to prevent them in the future.      Read more

What should I do if I hit a guard rail with my car in Tucson, Arizona?

collision repair in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona

Guard rail damage is one of the most common types of collision repairs we perform at O’Rielly Collision Center in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona.  Because guard rails are there to protect our cars from further damage by preventing us from swerving too far off the road, it’s understandable that they would be privy to a number of car accidents.  If you have slammed into a guard rail while driving your vehicle, like many of our customers, you probably have a number of questions about what to do next.  To help you through the process, here is our guide to what steps we recommend you take:

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How long do car airbags last?

collision repair Tucson Arizona

If you’ve ever been in an accident in which your airbag deployed, you know first-hand how important these safety elements can be.  Nowadays, practically every vehicle is equipped with airbags for consumers’ protection, so a common question we hear at O’Rielly Collision Center in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona, is, “Do airbags ever expire?”  It’s an excellent question, since safety is our number one priority and we want to ensure that each and every one of our customers has a vehicle that is fully equipped to handle anything that might happen on the road.  If you are concerned that your airbags might need to be replaced, here is some important information you should know:

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