What to look for in choosing a body shop in Tucson Arizona- Part 1

Tips on Choosing a Good Body Shop:  How do you know what to look for when you’re choosing a body shop?

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Auto body insurance questions answered- Minor parking lot damage

What to do about parking lot door damage?

Question: I was parked, and my door hit the car parked next to me because it was so windy. It did some damage to the other car. How does this work? Am I negligent? Would the damage to this other car go under my comprehensive or collision insurance, as I have deductibles for each one and want to know what to expect.

parking lot door ding

Answer: The good news is you don’t have to pay a deductible to get the other car fixed. Your collision and comprehensive cover your own vehicle for damages, not other cars that you damage. When you damage another person’s property, it is the property damage liability portion of your car insurance policy that will be used for their claims.

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Five things to look for in a body shop in Green Valley Arizona

Five things to look for in an auto body repair shop in Green Valley Arizona.

If your car needs auto body repair, until recently there was not much support in the Green Valley area. Now there are several choices you can make. This guide will help you decide where to take your car.

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Paintless Dent Repair- your friend at the body shop

 Paintless Dent Repair

Consumers have a new friend in the body shop. It’s called “Paintless Dent Repair” or PDR.  PDR is a process for removing dents using specialized tools and equipment to work the metal back into shape. In the old days of body repair, and good body man could hammer and dolly your dents back to shape using pure skill, art and the ability to read a dent. The widespread use of high-strength metal and resilient paint finishes has allowed PDR to become a viable alternative to traditional body repair techniques. In fact, some insurance companies will even waive the deductible if PDR is chosen over more traditional techniques like body fillers and paint.
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How safe is my car after it is fixed by a body shop?

How safe is my car after the accident?

You just got your car back from the shop, and the paint looks great, the car smells good, and it looks even better than before it was in a wreck. But how safe is it now? The number one concern for most people after picking up a car from the repair shop is how safe the car will be. Modern cars are very different from those from a decade ago, and each individual make and model requires different knowledge and technology to make repairs. In short, not every shop can fix modern cars properly. Here are a few areas to concern yourself with in making sure you choose the right shop to ensure the safety of your family in your car after an auto body repair job.

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Should I use my insurance company’s preferred auto body shop?

Should I use my insurance company’s preferred auto body shop or Direct Repair Partners (DRP’s)?

Your Insurance company has recommended to you that you select a Direct Repair Partner auto body shop with whom they do business in Tucson, but what’s in it for you?  All business are trying to cut cost and boost profit, and the Direct Repair Program (DRP) your insurance company has in place with the body shop down the street is designed to protect your investment and theirs. By lowering operating costs, the insurance companies are able to offer lower, more competitive premiums. Read more