The importantance of auto body repair after a minor accident.

Why it is important to repair your car’s exterior after a minor accident

Sometimes if a car is damaged in a minor fender bender, but not too badly, owners choose to ignore the situation and avoid exterior body repair.  It can be tempting, especially in this economy, to ignore the repair and continue driving the vehicle if the drivability is not affected.

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What is a Repair Plan and why does my auto body shop need one?

What is a Repair Plan and why does my body shop need one?

Besides getting you from point A to point B, your car serves one important function; protect you and your occupants in the event of a crash. The technologies in your car have been advancing at an amazing rate since vehicle safety started to get public attention in the 1950’s. Cars built today are some of the safest and strongest ever built. It does not matter if you are driving an economy car or a luxury cruiser, your car will protect you in an accident like no models that came before it. Read more