Chevrolet Volt’s are being converted to self-driving cars


The latest automotive advancement can be seen daily on our roads already in some parts of the country; self-driving cars. Just like electric cars, not too long ago, the chief executive of General Motors, Mary T. Barra saw her first self-driving car on the streets of San Francisco.

In the test drive, Mary wanted to see firsthand if automation was ready to take over from a driver. And she was also wondering if it was safe and if it could be done on a mass scale. How would it react, for example, when it reached an intersection as the light turned yellow? That and many other questions were answered when the self-driving car made the right decision at every turn.

After the test-drive in San Francisco, Ms. Barra decided to speed things up and with six months, a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Volts, the company’s new electric car, was being built at G.M. assembly plant in Michigan at an accelerated pace.

With the latest advancements to the Chevrolet Volt, G.M is becoming a trendsetter in the 21st-century transportation along with Silicon Valley rivals like Google, Tesla, and Uber – and one of the first major auto manufacturers to embrace this new trend.

Over the years, the auto industry has witnessed significant changes, and G.M has proven up to the task of staying ahead of the game, taking on every challenge and surmounting them as they come. Today, this includes being a part of the self-driving car revolution. Most recently, G.M. spent $1 billion to acquire Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley start-up that developed the driverless technology powering the Chevrolet Volt.

These moves mean that G.M. wants to remain relevant in the auto industry as they intend to be the industry leaders of today and tomorrow as they plan to put automated vehicles on the road for the average consumer.

As a forward-thinking auto company, G.M is looking to the future. With Tesla, an already highly-distinguished but very expensive leader in this same realm, G.M. is working towards someday soon bringing the automated car to the masses.

The boldest move of all by G.M is the beginning of the assembling of the fully automated Chevrolet Volts in January. A step that has placed G.M a step ahead of Google and Uber, which are converting mass-market sedans and minivans into driverless models. This feat also goes beyond what Tesla has achieved with the autonomous controls on their models. And this reflects the fact that, the last has not been heard about innovations in self-driving cars; the competition is just starting.


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