Chevrolet’s New In-Dash Payment Technology

in-dash payment

How convenient it would be if you can pay for your gas without even getting out of your car? Well, Chevrolet has partnered with Shell and plans to eventually launch the first ever in-dash payment technology. With this, you will be able to pay for gas with a few quick clicks on your vehicle’s touchscreen. But this privilege is for only for the Chevrolet vehicle owners at the Shell powered fuel stations. With such incredible innovation, Chevrolet owners won’t need to use a physical credit card anymore. Savings through the Fuel Rewards Savings will automatically be applied as well.

To use the system once it launches, a user will press the Shell icon in your marketplace on the screen, and then select the location of their preferred gas station. After a few clicks on the screen, you will be receiving a code which allows you to activate a pump and start the fueling process. Payment information will be stored within the system.

The technology of embedded in-dash fuel payment technology at Shell is powered by the auto industry’s first commerce platform, Marketplace. “Being the first to deliver this type of in-dash fuel payment and savings is very exciting” said Sydney Kimball, Vice president of Shell Oil Products, USA.

Chevrolet and Shell are the first to introduce such a revolutionizing technology, allowing people to conveniently pay for the gas with a few taps on the touchscreen of their vehicle, it’s expected other automotive companies to follow this path as well. If you’re a Chevrolet vehicle owner, get excited to try out this amazing feature in the near future!

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