Common Auto Insurance Discounts

We all know that we need auto insurance – it’s an absolute necessity in the world today. But how much time lately have you spent exploring your insurance options, or even looking into discounts within your current insurance company? Insurance companies offer a lot of incentives to reward good driving behavior, as well as incentives for various other aspects of life that they believe show responsibility. That is because this is exactly the type of person they would like to have on their plans! Read further to learn more about some of the most common insurance discounts that you may be eligible to receive.

Good Driver Insurance Discounts

This is a discount that basically every insurance company should offer on one level or another – it’s a no-brainer for them! If a driver has shown on their record over time that they are significantly safer and more responsible than other drivers, it means their likelihood of an accident or a claim decreases drastically. These are the type of drivers they want around! If a driver’s record, which the company will need to verify, shows that there has not been an accident claim in at least 3 consecutive years, they are likely to receive discounted insurance rates. Alternatively, you can also get a discount in some cases when you complete a Defensive Driving Course. If your insurance rates are higher than you would like, this is something you may be able to proactively do to save money in the long term.

Student Insurance Discounts

This insurance discount may be available to drivers who are under 25 and are full-time students in a college or high school. Some of the qualifications a company may consider to offer this discount are listed below:

  • Ranking in the top 20% of best students in his/her class
  • Earns an average of a B or higher
  • Earned a point average of 3.0 or more
  • Made it to the dean’s list of honor list.

Aside from the above, discounts are sometimes granted for recent college graduates, individuals with a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate, or resident students who live within 100 miles of home currently. Discounts on the education level are available in a lot of different areas you may not have considered!

Vehicle Type & Safety Feature Discounts

As we all know, the type of vehicle you drive will definitely impact your rates. No one would expect a corvette to be insured for the same price as a hybrid or sedan for example. However, beyond the obvious, there may be some safety features or aspects of the vehicle you currently drive that would make you eligible to save on your insurance. Check out the following to see if you qualify:

  • If you drive a hybrid or electric car, or use some form of alternative to regular gasoline.
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control) safety system – this can help in case of need to suddenly stop in avoiding an accident. Check and see if you have it!
  • If you have anti-lock brakes.
  • If you have some form of an anti-theft device installed on your vehicle.
  • Be sure to discuss the primary usage of your vehicle – those used for farming, work transport, or utilities may be eligible for discounts.
  • If you have passive restraints that lock in case of accident, lowering medical bills greatly.

Ask your auto insurance company for more details!

You can get more from your car insurance with these amazing discounts. There are even more insurance discounts available than we summarized and listed above. Don’t hesitate to give your company a call today and discuss any savings that you may be eligible for but never realized. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to either speak with an insurance broker or do some homework on your own. You may be able to find another insurance company that offers better discounts for your particular vehicle and lifestyle.

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