At-Fault Laws of Accidents in Arizona


With the number of drivers on the road spiking consistently in recent years, automobile accidents are steadily on the rise in the state of Arizona. Even the most responsible driver could be involved in a dangerous situation: there are many dangers to be aware of, and other people might not be so attentive. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile devices and social media, drivers engage in reckless behavior, such as taking selfies or texting while driving. Whatever the cause of an accident, it is essential to determine who is the party at fault to receive rightful compensation.

As a “fault” insurance state, Arizona requires parties involved in an accident to prove fault and liability for injuries, damages or other issues related to the event. According to local laws, insurance providers can question liability and might still be able to tag a certain degree of responsibility on you, even if you were not the party who caused the accident. Fault is quantified in percentage points: every fault percentage point you gain means less insurance payout.

Some insurance firms might actually discourage you from hiring a lawyer, but you should seek out legal support as soon as possible: this is the best way for you to make sure you will receive the insurance payout you deserve. Even something as deceptively small as a 5% fault appointed to you would signify massive savings for the insurance company and less money for you.

Establishing settlement amounts and receiving a satisfactory compensation for accidents, damages or injuries could be a daunting task and it could be difficult for a person without a legal background. The complicated nature of the process is another reason why hiring a reputable lawyer to assist you with the process.

Taking legal action could make a positive difference and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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