How much does auto body work cost in Tucson?

When you bring your car into a body shop in Tucson or Green Valley to get repaired, the shop should provide you with an estimate for their services.  And I bet the last thing you probably want to do after being in an accident is to spend any extra time trying to understand what your estimate entails.  So let me break it down for you.

At O’Rielly Collision Center, the first thing we do is divide the work into the various sections of your vehicle in need of repairs.  For instance, one section might be titled “Front Bumper & Grille” and another might be “Front Door” or “Fender.”  It is our goal to make it very clear for both you and your insurance company to follow.

Then we break it down even further.  In the event that your front bumper would need repairs, we would list the repairs and replacement parts required for that section of the car.  In the example below you can see that the left retaining strip, the right retaining strip, the upper support, and so on need to be replaced.  The part numbers are clearly listed in the next column, along with quantities, and prices.

O'Rielly Collision Center estimate

It might be confusing to examine the next two columns and see the numbers below “Labor” and “Paint.”  Well, the numbers below those categories indicate the estimated number of technician hours required for repairing and repainting your vehicle.  There is a universal system for estimated hours that nearly all auto repair shops in Tucson, Arizona and across the U.S. rely on.  It is a fairly sophisticated matrix that lists how many hours it should take an auto technician to repair and paint something.

You’ll notice in the example above that “Incl.” is listed in certain rows of the Labor column.  This means “included” and it simply indicates that the estimated time for replacing those parts has been accounted for on the estimate already.  This is because a technician can replace multiple parts in the process of repairing one element of your car.  In the Paint column many rows are blank, which is because not every part requires painting.

At the bottom of the estimate, we provide your totals, divided up by parts, labor, and supplies.  The reason why there are multiple labor lines, is because the various types of labor have unique per-hour costs.  For instance, you’ll see below that paint labor is billed at $48 per hour, while mechanical labor is billed at $115 per hour.  At the very bottom we highlight in bold the totals, indicating what you as the customer are responsible for, as well as what your insurance company will cover.

O'Rielly Collision Center estimate

At O’Rielly Collision Center it is our mission to keep you informed as possible.  Having your car repaired can be extremely stressful, but we want to make the process as easy and stress-free as we can.  And right now we’re happy to offer you a free estimate—just click on the coupon below.


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  1. Jerald Hollis
    Jerald Hollis says:

    I have a 1973 Volkswagen bug that I’m looking to get painted I’m not sure if you actually paint older vehicles if so please let me know


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