Insurance costs for the top 10 new cars sold in Arizona

Car insurance rates in Arizona

Last week we posted about Arizona’s car insurance rates rising due to new cars flooding the market, and the rising costs to repair those cars once they have been in an accident.

Arizona is the 4th ranked state in the US for new car purchases and falls in line just behind California, Colorado and Georgia. Perhaps you are in the market for a new car yourself right now. Let’s hope it’s not because your old was just totaled. When purchasing a new car, the big question always comes down to “How much”. Often we overlook the next big monthly expense beyond the car payment. I’m talking about the car insurance payment. If you have been driving an older car for a while and are just about to get yourself a new one, you might be in for a bit of a surprise when you learn about your new car insurance premium.

So what are the most expensive cars to insure in Arizona?

CoverHound is a car insurance rate comparison website that has gathered information on the top 10 new cars sold in the United States, and has selected its top 10 states for car sales. For our purposes, we are only interested in the rates for Arizona.

Beginning with the top 10 new cars sold in the U.S. numbers are provided by a November 2015 report on the top 10 best-selling cars in 2015 through the month of November. As with any top list, the numbers are always changing, but this a pretty good indication of the most popular cars on the market.

This list is by no means an insurance quote for you, and Insurance companies have a lot of factors they use to determine you actual rate, as well as any discounts that you may be eligible for. But if you are in the new car market, consider this a helpful guide to a ball-park range for the Arizona drivers of the top 10 cars sold in the USA.

Here is the list of Top 10 cars sold in the United States

1. Ford F-Series: 695,143 sold in 2015 through November 2015.
2. Chevrolet Silverado: 537,552.
3. Ram Pickup: 407,981.
4. Toyota Camry: 392,056.
5. Toyota RAV4: 283,564.
6. Honda CR-V: 314,462.
7. Honda Accord: 320,501.
8. Honda Civic: 302,588.
9. Toyota Corolla: 330,887.
10. Nissan Rogue: 260,711.

TO establish a baseline CoverHound calculated the insurance costs for the top 10 cars in each of the states selected. These Insurance costs shown are the lowest rates for “Basic” Coverage across all carriers at, for a hypothetical shopper profile of a single and currently employed, 30 years old male who is not a homeowner, continuously insured for four years and drives the vehicle he owns (paid in full) for an average of 6,000 miles a year.

So how much does it cost to insure the top 10 cars sold in the United States in Arizona?

1. Ford F-150- $1,118.00
2. Chevy Silverado- $1,162.00
3. Ram Pick up- $1,086.00
4. Toyota Camry- $1,270.00
5. Toyota Rav4- $1,236.00
6. Honda CRV $1,124.00
7. Honda Accord- $1,142.00
8. Honda Civic- $1,124.00
9. Toyota Corolla- $1,102.00
10. Nissan Rogue- $1,234.00

Hope this list helps you in your new vehicle searches. Have some collision repair damage that you need repaired? Click the button below for a free estimate.

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