Keeping Your Paint Shiny and New for as Long as Possible

In some ways, your car is a reflection of you. You don’t have to own a brand-new car for it to be shiny and clean. Taking care of your car’s paint is actually not that difficult – with very little investment, both in time and effort, you can get great results. It doesn’t matter if your car is older or has some imperfections, you can still improve it or slow down the deterioration process. Here’s how to keep your paint shiny and new for as long as possible.

Wash Regularly

Although this one goes without saying, you’d be surprised to know that most people don’t wash their car regularly. Of course we’re not suggesting that you clean your car every day, but a thorough wash every 2-3 weeks should become a routine. That way you don’t let any particles stick to your paint and cause permanent damage. Use a reputable soap manufacturer or take it to a high-caliber car wash.

Park in a Garage

The sun is every paint job’s mortal enemy. Over time, it deteriorates even the shiniest of finishes, but you can eliminate that by parking in a garage or a covered spot. Not only do you save your paint from fading, you’ll also protect your car’s interior from premature wear and tear.

Remove Scratches and Bird Droppings

Bird droppings contain acid that bites into the car’s wax and, eventually, paint. By removing them as soon as possible you save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars needed for a new paint job. Remove superficial scratches so that they don’t deteriorate over time as well. Again, use only rubbing compounds and waxes from reputable manufacturers to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Wax Your Car

A good wax will last ten months or so, after which there’s hardly any left on the car’s exterior. Applying car wax is easy and usually takes less than an hour. To be on the safe side, wax your car every six months or less, depending on how much you drive it and the climate you drive in.

Use Paint Protection Films

Although they can be quite costly, paint protection films are worth every penny. The films offer protection from the elements and can easily last two to three years. The good ones can even last you close to half a decade. You won’t regret getting a paint protection film, trust us.

Use a Car Cover

Even if your car is garaged, a car cover comes in handy. It protects the paint from dust and any other residue. If you keep your car outside, get a waterproof car cover and don’t skimp out. The cheap ones will leak eventually, it’s only a matter of time.

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