O’Rielly Collision Centers named ABRN top Auto Body shop for 2011!


 O’Rielly Collision Center named ABRN top Auto Body Shop for 2011

For the third year in a row, Auto Body Repair News (ABRN), a trade publication for the entire Auto body industry, has named O’Reilly Collision Centers as a “top Shop” for 2011.

“Do the basics brilliantly” is the shop’s motto and has allowed them to take the top slot for the third year in a row. O’reilly’s commitment quality, training and customer satisfaction starts with the estimators and trickles down through the whole shop including the body men, the painters and the technicians.

Now, estimators, technicians and painters all inspect the work they get.

“Estimators look at the work throughout and perform a final inspection. Our painters will look over the bodywork before they paint. When their work is done, the technicians inspect it. Everyone is involved. We have as many eyes as possible on the work. This way we really cut down on any re-dos,” Shop Manager Brian Guerrero says.

In fact, by the time a vehicle leaves O’Rielly, Guerrero says it has been inspected four times.

The inspection that happens once a vehicle is returned to the customer also is significant since customer satisfaction is a key ingredient in “doing the basics brilliantly.”

“The key thing is that our people want to get better. Everyone here wants to be the best,” adds Guerrero, who says the renewed attention to CSI has paid off by creating improvements at every point in the shop’s business, from customer service to repairs to paint. The fact that some of these changes may seem minor or are simple tweaks to an existing process doesn’t matter. Small, sometimes incremental, changes can have big payoffs.

Guerrero notes that employees are familiar with this fact, having seen how their work impacts every part of the dealership.

“The dealership and shop are over 80 years old, so people have been coming here a long time. Everything we do touches them and their reputation. If we make a mistake, the customer is not going to come back here to buy another car. They’re not going to come back to buy tires,” Guerrero says.

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