How to Report a Drunk Driver


Drunk driving can be deadly! Many people struggle to either know when they’ve had one too many to get behind the wheel, or to do something to stop others in these circumstances. It’s evident that driving drunk is against the law, yet people still do it on a regular basis. The extent and consequences of drunk driving demonstrate the challenge of harmonizing a drinking culture with a modern industrial society.

If you believe a driver is intoxicated, you should:

  • You should absolutely call 911 and report the incident as soon as you see it; you may save a life. If someone’s behavior behind the wheel is that noticeably off to you, they clearly are not in a good state to be driving!
  • Be prepared to supply to the police the following: license plate number, description of the vehicle (type of car, color, make and model if you can tell), location where the car was sited, and how long it’s been since you have seen it.
  • If you don’t feel safe calling while driving, you can always pull off the road to make the call!

How to stop someone from driving drunk:

  • If you are concerned about a friend or family member driving drunk, try to talk to them! Be reasonable and gentle, being sure to emphasize the fact that you care about them and that this is the reason for your concern. Beware of doing the same for strangers; you are unlikely to have a positive result when approaching someone this way that you do not know!
  • If you’re out, tell the bar staff or security, they should have the experience to deal with the situation. They are also likely to want to help as there can be serious legal reprocussions for over-serving their clientele.
  • If you come across someone about to get behind the wheel, call the police. Be ready to tell police the vehicle’s plate number, a description of the vehicle and the person involved, if you can. Remember: You do not have to disclose your name when you call 911!

In Conclusion

Drunk drivers pose a hazard to all who travel our highways. Early detection and intervention is the most effective way to reduce the instances of drunk driving and increase public safety. Keep your eyes open and help save a life!

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