The importantance of auto body repair after a minor accident.

Why it is important to repair your car’s exterior after a minor accident

Sometimes if a car is damaged in a minor fender bender, but not too badly, owners choose to ignore the situation and avoid exterior body repair.  It can be tempting, especially in this economy, to ignore the repair and continue driving the vehicle if the drivability is not affected.

Safety is the most important concern, especially for families.

Everyone should feel safe while driving their car.  And no parent should ever have to wonder about family car safety, even for a second.

Even seemingly minor damage can cause a loss of structural integrity, which must be fully restored to maintain the vehicle’s safety.  The bumper is particularly important, because it’s the car’s first line of defense.

In some cases, ignoring body repair or a poor repair job can create additional and potentially critical safety problems such as altering the air bag deployment timing.  Improper welds and other low-end work will likely cause trouble down the road even if they appear OK at first.

Body repair is simply necessary to ensure safety.

Repairs aren’t just cosmetic.  Damage may seem “not too big” right now, but it could easily become that way down the road.

Paint protects the metal underneath, which protects the car’s interior.  Un-repaired paint deteriorates faster, putting the body work and interior at risk long before the car’s expected lifespan.

As already noted, bumpers play a vital role in ensuring family car safety.  Bumper repair is less expensive and may be just as effective as replacement.  It’s also better for the environment than discarding an old bumper. The part of the bumper that you see is simply a plastic cover. The actual safety portion of the bumper is a steel bar just behind the cover and some foam padding. An impact over 5mph can structurally affect that part and diminish the safety provided by the bumper should the vehicle become involved in an accident again.

Top quality body repair makes the most sense.

It’s essential to use high strength steel and other best-quality materials to restore a vehicle’s structural integrity.  Specialized equipment and the latest techniques are vital, and specialized training ensures top workmanship.  Be aware that not all shops are fully up to date.

There are lots of body shops, therefore lots of choices.  Getting several estimates can be a pain, but it will provide confidence and peace of mind.  Look for a clean shop with knowledgeable staff who are informative but not pushy.  Get referrals from friends, the car dealer, the Better Business Bureau.  Make sure the shop offers a warranty, and inspect the work closely before paying.

Affordability is relative.  It may cost more to get quality body repair, right away, but “saving money” with faulty repairs or no repair could seriously reduce family car safety.


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