Tucson auto body shop Q&A: Why doesn’t my car door close properly?

Image of car door repair in Tucson, Arizona

Car doors that don’t close properly are a major problem that we see often at our O’Rielly Collision Center shops in Green Valley and Tucson, Arizona.  Sometimes a door won’t close at all or it will require an unusual amount of force to close.  Other times, a door will make an odd shifting sound as it closes, as if it has to struggle to find its alignment.  Another noise customers hear sometimes is a scraping, squealing sound, as if the door is grinding against another element of the car.  Customers have also brought their cars to us when one or two of their doors won’t open again once closed.

All of these symptoms are indicative of a greater problem that must be addressed in order for your car doors to function properly again.  Car doors that don’t open and close correctly are a major safety hazard.  Just imagine driving on the highway when one of your doors flies open or imagine finding yourself unable to open your car door during an emergency.  No matter what the scenario, it’s imperative that your car doors open and close easily.

If you are having problems with one or more of your car doors, here are some possible reasons why:

  1. General wear and tear have caused your doors to fall out of alignment.  Over time, just as the human body starts to settle with gravity, so does a car.  If you have an older model and your doors have gradually become worse over time, it is likely due to normal settling that comes with age.  If you’d like to preserve your vehicle for as long as possible, then have it examined at your favorite Tucson body shop for repair options.

    Image of car door repair in Tucson, Arizona

  2. You were in a collision recently.  If you were in a car accident recently and now your car doors aren’t opening and closing properly, it’s likely that you suffered underlying damage to your frame.  Sometimes, damage won’t be obvious, but it can still throw off the alignment of your hood, door frames, and more.  Definitely have it examined at the body shop before the alignment issues become worse.
  3. You recently had auto body work done.  If you recently had auto body work done and now your doors don’t function well, it’s likely that the shop make a mistake while performing your repairs.  Too many shops out there hire technicians who lack the necessary training and experience to perform major repairs to vehicle frames and doors.  If your shop made a mistake, take your vehicle back as soon as possible to have the problem addressed.  A good shop will fix their mistake for free.

Image of car door repair in Tucson, ArizonaAt O’Rielly Collision Center in Green Valley and Tucson, we can repair your faulty car doors.
Our mission is to be the first choice in collision repair facilities for vehicle owners in Tucson and Green Valley, Arizona.  To achieve this, we consistently provide top-quality repair and refinish work on the schedule promised and at a competitive price.  We guide our customers through the repair process in a way that minimizes the trauma and disruption associated with an accident in order to get their lives back to normal as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

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